Virtual Reality and Web Design

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What is Virtual Reality?

It could be the recreation of an artificial, computer-generated simulation or real-life situation wherein the user is traveling in real time experiencing the realistic feel through their senses (eyes and ears). Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) is the language used to code your VR to relate everything between the real and virtual world making it realistic in every sense. This helps in creating images and also, defines the type of interaction that you are expecting with vr.

You can simply mount the device on your head and experience the closest view from the screen. The best part of using these devices is that you are tricking yourself into experiencing an out-of-the-world sensation all this while you are still in the virtual world. It is all the trick of specific lenses and the way the images are exhibited that you sense the realness at such an unimaginable level of proximity.

What is Augmented Reality?

AR is usually accessible via apps that can be used on the Smart devices composing together the digital elements from the real world such that they complement one another providing the best user experience. Virtual Reality can be implemented via Augmented Reality. AR and VR are the concave reflections of one another held upside down trying to blend in to offer a great user experience.

While you will realize that in augmented reality, the components from the virtual world are laid over in the real world creating a realistic impression whereas VR is recreating digitization in a real life scenario.

The technology implemented by both the realities is very much alike.


WebVR – Javascript library makes it possible to ensure VR works across the web browsers. And, all the HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Facebook’s Oculus, etc. that you are accustomed to are all possible because of VR.

This means a new change is yet to dawn in the world of the web. Let us keep our fingers crossed!

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